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The Matterhorn investigates the intersections of literature and art across times, cultures, mediums, and genres. Each week, I look at a new topic through several texts with the aim to gain a better understanding of ourselves and our world.

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I write novels and research culture through the arts. I taught literature, cultural studies, the arts, ethics, and epistemology for 20 years and have a PhD in Comparative Literature (as well as degrees in English, Art History, Literary & Cultural Studies, and Education). I’m a specialist at putting texts together to form ideas rather than one particular area of research. Having lived in seven countries has added to the way I am able to investigate the arts from an international perspective. However, it’s also made me more aware of what I don’t know…which is a ton. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey here with you.

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Dr. Kathleen Waller
I write novels and have a PhD in comparative literature • American in Basel • kathleenwaller.com