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My hometown was a cultural desert, particularly when I was growing up, and my parents were never interested in (and never encouraged my sister and I to go to) museums, concerts, etc. So I'm mostly self-educated in that respect.

To this day, though I listen to music daily, concert-going is not really my thing. I became a movie buff when I was in college, and art is a more recent passion.

This is a piece I wrote about Tokyo cinemas. https://giannisimone.substack.com/p/the-last-picture-show?s=w

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Club 47 / Club Passim has amazing musical tradition and history. Betsy Siggins (https://www.bennionkearny.com/betsy-siggins-club-47-bob-dylan-and-joan-baez/) was there for it all and helps run Folk New England (https://folknewengland.org/).

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