I found this deep dive into mobile phones and their meanings fascinating, and you've covered here many things I hadn't considered, particularly around the use of them within novels and films. I was reading a book recently and found myself thinking "why hasn't the main character used her phone for that, it seems unrealistic..." then I realised it was set in the early 90's! I hadn't read the blurb closely...so it did make me think that the use of technology within a piece of art can easily date it. I am in a constant quandary of loving/hating my smartphone (as I think many people are). I loved being able to message with my oldest child when they went to University, for example, but constantly worry about my 15 year old seemingly having a mobile gadget in their hands at all times. As an aside, your comment at the beginning about 'I put a lot of limits on my phone use, but this isn’t a mindfulness or productivity post about how I get my writing done...' - this would be something I would love to hear more about in a possible 'how I get my writing done' post!! : )

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