I love whales

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There is an interesting piece in Wired you might like.


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Loved this, Kate. As always I'm in awe of the scope you cover in these beautiful pieces!

My family would make a pilgrimage to Provincetown every fall for a weekend of whale watching. (And pasteis de nata from the Portuguese bakery on Commercial Street!) I have such fond memories of those crisp mornings waiting to board the ship, the burn of the cold salty winds against my skin, and how quickly tedium could turn into euphoria seeing the first whale of the day make their majestic leap into the air.

Thank you for returning me to those memories. ❤️

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Haven't had a chance to listen to this yet sorry Kate, but it's on my list for a commute listen 😊

Re: whales. I had an incredible experience upon first arriving in Australia in 2009. I was lucky enough to go to a conference up in Queensland and part of that was a boat trip out to spot whales (can't recall the species. Humpbacks and/or southern rights, I guess). It was stunning. We saw so many.

Then, when exiting the boat, I realised that half of the expedition had been seasick within the boat 😅🤢 I'd been too distracted by whales to notice the waves.

That's very sad about the ongoing tradition in Japan. Much as I love that country and its people, it feels well overdue to completely outlaw whaling.

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