I was born near the mountains, in Piedmont, and was a sickly child until we moved to a port town and my ailments suddenly disappeared.

I only learned to swim when I was 17 but I've never been afraid of water. Even now, going to the beach and diving into the waves remains an almost transcendental experience to me.

You seem to love movies, like me, so you probably know this famous beach scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4jGNoag_1g

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Aug 25, 2022Liked by Dr. Kathleen Waller

Thank you for this fascinating story about how different art forms interpret the sea. I thought of Fitzgerald, and Tender is the Night, as well as Gatsby. The sea is on the periphery there as a witness to human drama. He also has a beautiful metaphor at the end of Gatsby about how the current always brings us to our past.

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