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Income Gap in Fiction | Episode 35

Income Gap in Fiction | Episode 35

How to layer fiction by exploring the rich-poor gap, inequality, and class [+ MTR/Metro]

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a train station with a train parked next to it
Photo of Hong Kong’s MTR by Cheung Yin on Unsplash
Each week on The Matterhorn podcast, I discuss a way to layer fictions and discover the nuances of truth, using my novel as a catalyst but looking at other works of fiction as well as theory and interdisciplinary ideas. Each week, I also spend a little time on places & spaces, as part of a continued discourse on these ideas.
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Today’s episode links to “Part I: Causeway Bay, ii” in A Hong Kong Story.

A full AI-created transcript can be accessed on the web version.


  • Experiencing class & contexts

  • Allows us to bring together extremes through fictional conflict or juxtaposition

  • Other literary methods besides juxtaposition: hyperbole,

  • Read to gain perspectives and empathy

  • Sometimes becomes city/country or urban/pastoral (or connected with imma, but I’ll do that in another podcast

  • Marxist theory

  • Place & Space focus - Hong Kong’s MTR / metro systems

a large escalator in a building
Photo to the Hong Kong underground by Cheung Yin on Unsplash


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The Matterhorn: truth in fiction
The Matterhorn with Dr. Kathleen Waller
The Matterhorn is for writers and curious minds from author and academic Dr. Kathleen Waller.
Each week in this new season, Kathleen shares a chapter of her serialized novels - A Hong Kong Story & An Interpreter in Vienna - and uses it as a catalyst to discuss the layers of literature and how you can use these in your own writing.
The Matterhorn mission is to bring books and texts to life through an interdisciplinary and international approach as well as help writers take risks and create from knowledge.
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